50 Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice dan Rumusnya

Selain bahasa Indonesia, bahasa Inggris juga mempunyai berbagai macam jenis kalimat, salah satunya adalah kalimat pasif atau yang biasa kita sebut dengan passive voice. Passive voice adalah salah satu materi yang akan kamu temukan setelah belajar 16 tenses.

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Nah, apa saja sih rumusnya agar bisa diaplikasikan ke tenses dan contoh kalimatnya? Di postingan kali ini aku akan membantu kamu memahami jenis kalimat bahasa inggris yang satu ini. Pelajari contoh kalimat passive voice dan rumus-rumusnya pada penjelasan di bawah ini ya!

Apa Itu Passive Voice?

Sebelum memulai materi, ada baiknya kita ketahui dulu nih pengertian passive voice itu sendiri. Passive voice adalah bentuk kalimat dimana object diberi tindakan (dengan kata kerja atau verb). Tindakan ini bisa dilakukan oleh subject baik disebutkan maupun tidak (bisa kita sebut complement).

Rumus passive voice adalah:
object + auxiliary verb (be) + past participle (verb-3) (+ complement)

My article is edited.
This cake is not made by my mother.

Cara Mengubah Active Voice ke Passive Voice

Berbeda dengan passive voice, active voice atau kalimat aktif lebih mudah dipahami karena subject langsung memberi tindakan (kata kerja atau verb). Active voice dapat diubah menjadi passive voice, yaitu object dibalik menjadi subject dan semua verb diganti menjadi past participle atau verb-3.

Simak contohnya di bawah ini:

Active Voice
Subject + verb + object 
My mother + makes + this delicious cake 

Passive Voice
Object + auxiliary verb (be) + past participle (verb-3) (+ complement)
This delicious cake + is + made + by my mother

Rumus dan Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice Dalam Bentuk Berbagai Tenses

Rumus passive voice memang tidak mudah dan sederhana, karena tenses active voice ada banyak, passive voice juga mengikuti bentuk tenses yang ada. Semakin rumit tensesnya, semakin rumit juga untuk kita membuat passive voice nya. Tapi, kamu tidak perlu khawatir karena semua itu bisa kamu pelajari dengan menyimak rumus dan contoh di berikut ini:

Simple Present Tense

Rumus: object + is/am/are + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • I am not paid in dollars.
  • You are loved.
  • We are driven to school by my father.
  • The food is prepared by Natasha.
  • He is asked by his mother to call the police.

Simple Past Tense

Rumus: object + was/were + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • I was called yesterday.
  • That break up was not expected from her after such a long-term relationship.
  • They were amazed by your performance.
  • It was not burned even though I lit the fire.
  • When was your room painted by your father?

Simple Future Tense

Rumus: object + will be/ be (is/am/are) going to + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • She will be loved.
  • They are going to be invited to the party by Mila.
  • He will not be phoned by her.
  • Will the door be closed?
  • Is the car going to be cleaned by my brother?

Present Continuous Tense

Rumus: object + is/am/are + being + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • The book is being read by me.
  • We are being given great advice by our Grandparents.
  • My costume is not being designed.
  • Online soccer games are being played by the boys.
  • I am being asked to announce the winner.

Present Perfect Tense

Rumus: object + has/have + been + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • My bedroom have just been painted by my father
  • Her Science project has not been finished.
  • I have never been told about your new boyfriend.
  • Have you been texted by him?
  • Has a new business been started?

Past Continuous Tense

Rumus: object + was/were + being + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • The food was being prepared when I came.
  • My documents were still being processed for the job recruitment.
  • The TV was not being watched by my sister.
  • Was Biology being studied by the students?
  • Those vintage postcards were being sent to Australia.

Past Perfect Tense

Rumus: object + had + been + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • This red lipstick had been used so many times.
  • Seven banks had been robbed by those thieves.
  • Had the logistics problems been solved by Jessica?
  • Anonymous gift had been received by Jack.
  • The injured man had not been accepted by the hospital staff.

Future Perfect Tense

Rumus: object + will have + been + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • My project will have been finished by Friday.
  • Will your homework have been done by tomorrow?
  • This bike will have been bought by Mario next month.
  • My house will have been renovated by 2022.
  • I think my car will not have been fixed even by Sunday.

Past Future Tense

Rumus: object + would be/ be (was/were) going to + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • A box of banana cake would be given to me as she promised.
  • They said Lombok was going to be visited.
  • I thought the projects were going to be done by Yudis.
  • The restaurant was not going to be opened by the owner yesterday.
  • Would the handcraft gift be liked by my sister?

Past Future Perfect Tense

Rumus: object + would have been + verb-3 (+ complement)
  • Her photo would have been taken by me if I had known she was a celebrity.
  • He wouldn’t have been married by me if I hadn’t gone to America last year.
  • Would the movie have been watched by them if they had read the review yesterday?
  • The novel would have been published by her if she had become a writer.
  • The car would have been sold by my father if his company had bankrupted three years ago.

Itulah rumus dan contoh kalimat passive voice yang dapat kamu pelajari. Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat dan membantu kalian dalam memahami bahasa inggris, ya!

Kalau ada pertanyaan, kamu boleh banget tinggalkan pesan di kolom komen. Semangat belajar!


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