Movie Review: Coherence (2013)

Coherence is a debut film from James Ward Byrkit in 2013 that tells about four couple, eight friends (Em-Kevin, Hugh-Beth, Amir-Laurie, and Lee-Mike) had a dinner party where a comet called Miller came passing through the Earth.

This film begins with a couple on the phone (Em, as the main character here, and Kevin) planning to go the hosting couple's house (Lee-Mike) to have a dinner party. Not until the conversation was done, Em's phone cracked. She didn't even know what was going on that time, then she arrived at the house, her friends that already there told her a comet was above them now.

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During the dinner, the power in the house was suddenly cut. The comet also affected everyone's phones to be cracked and there was no signal. This made these people go outside and wondering what happened. They saw there was a house that still had power on. They didn't realize, that house was the same house with the same people in it but from another reality. This concerned two guys (Hugh and Amir) to borrow a phone from that lights-on-house. When Hugh and Amir come back, no one knew those two men had been switched with the other Hugh and Amir from another reality.

They began to realize the other house was another version of theirs when there was the exact written paper appeared in front of their house. Em also once told her friends that there is a history in the 1900s, this comet passed and there was a man who was with police looking for his wife and when he came to this house, his wife told police that she killed her husband yesterday. However, Em's friends just made fun of this story, while this was what would happen to them.

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As time goes by, Em, Kevin, Mike and Laurie left the house to find out what happened. On the outside, they passed a dark zone that made them leave their reality and enter another reality at random. Later they knew that there were multiple realities and one the comet passed, each reality will be stuck permanently with whoever stayed in it.

This reality made Em frustrated because of past events between people in the house one by one revealed. Kevin and Laurie dated each other in the past time (Laurie is now dating Amir) and in this reality Laurie tried to seduce Kevin again, Mike had a drinking problem, and Mike-Beth actually had an affair years ago (and it made Hugh mad because the only person who didn't know about this is him).

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Then Em decided to leave from that house by her own and jumped from one house-one reality to another. She found out there were fights in each house-reality, people had been switched from different realities and they were in their chaos.

Later, she finally discovered one house-reality where no one was fighting, and there was never had a power cut. She saw herself being flirted much by Kevin and I think this was where she wanted to be in that house-reality. Em sneaked in and attacked her double self and put her in the bathroom. After that, Em headed to the living room then fainted.

The next morning she knew, she had been sleeping in that no-one-fights house. She double-checked the bathroom then Beth came out from it, this time I figure Em knew her double self had woken up and left. When Em tried to leave the house, she met Kevin and at that time there was a call from Em. Kevin answered the call and gave a fishy look to Em. The film end.

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I think this is one of the incredible sci-fi movies I have ever seen. It's like watching "Us" and "Nothing to Hide" at the same time. What has Em done actually (I think) is human nature. We want a condition where everything goes fine and right. I kinda hope there is Coherence 2, just to discover what will happen next when 2 Em(s) meet and I do want to know what happened to all the houses, the fights and the revealed secrets, but I think the director will not do it so yeah, good luck to our theories.

If you still curious about the plot, here's the timeline from thisisbary:

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