Movie Review: Cargo (2018)

And I just don't understand why Rotten Tomatoes has rated this film only 80%, while in my opinion, it can be more than 90% because it's not just a movie about the zombie, it's also about Aboriginal people and diversity. [Spoiler alert!]

Basically (on synopsis), Cargo is a film about a father that should struggle to find a new home for his daughter in a land where most of its people has been infected by a virus that turns people into zombies. But if we dig it up, we will find critical issues that are being told in this film. I can take two: Ethnic Issue and Diversity. To be honest, I understand these kinds of 'situation' because I take English Literature and I have once learned about Australian Culture and Society, thanks to my lecturer.

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In the opening, we will be served one scene where one family (Andy as a father, Lorraine as mother and Rosie as one little daughter) in Australia survived on the boat, but Lorraine didn't make it, she was infected. To protect the little one, Andy against his own wife. Unfortunately, he also got a bite from her but he still got 48 hours before he changed 100% as a zombie being. Scene by scene you will think it's just about 'another zombie movie', but I got freeze when I saw this scene.

aborigin australia cargo 2018

This is a scene where Vic (a man that still 'human being' and met Andy), used Aboriginal people to be a bait for the zombies so they could come over so Vic could shoot them. When these Aboriginal people were locked and being a bait, I thought about what my lecturer has taught. White people dominated and controlled Aboriginal people (which has black skin) where Aboriginal people itself is the original and first tribe of Australia. Ironic, isn't it?

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And it's not just that it. This film also gives us a 'plot twist'. When you thought that the only tribe who lived was only Aboriginal, but in the end, you would recognize, it's not. It's about diversity. I shocked when I saw there are so many tribes in these scenes:

diversity australia cargo

While Australia is famous for their diversity, this scene also made it. White and black people survived from those zombies together and even Rosie, the little white girl, since her dad had become the 100% zombie being and he should be killed, she was accepted and adopted in this diversity land, Australia.

diversity australia

After all, this film really captures issue and characteristic of Australian Culture and it reminds us how important it is to love our family and keep the diversity (since we're all not the same).

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cargo 2018



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