How to Unblock and Get Your Tumblr Access Back With Free VPN

It's been a long time since Indonesian access to Tumblr is blocked by KOMINFO on March 6, 2018. They said this platform doesn't have enough tools to report pornographic as well as immoral content. Personally, this action made me disappointed because, despite those inappropriate content, Tumblr has so many great reference content for creative such as copywriter, art director, graphic designer, photographer, fashion stylist and web developer.

But, do you know that there is a simple way to get our access back? In this article, we'll look at the steps to use that awesome platform again.

Website Version

This time, I use Google Chrome since it has tools which named Extensions that we need to get the VPN.

First thing first, go to Chrome Web Store - Extensions and type VPN on the search box.

Then we'll see some VPN extensions that are available on Google Chrome. Select + add to chrome button on Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy - Unblock Sites.

Click Add extension, the white one button and wait until it's installed.

If your browser shows a new tab automatically like this, it means the extension has been installed successfully.

After that, click grey shield button on the right corner of the browser.

Click next and next, until Click to connect instruction comes up then click it until Connected and the box shows time, bandwidth and speed and the shield changed color into blue.


Open the new tab, and go to Tumblr. Voila! Now we can access our Tumblr like we used to :)

Mobile Version

Like the steps on website version above, this time I also use VPN to access Tumblr from mobile.

Firstly, download Tumblr and Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security on Play Store.


After they are installed, open Hotspot Shield app and swipe left until it shows Hotspot Shield Premium option. DON'T tap start 7-day trial, just tap back button on your phone to cancel the trial because we'll use it for free.

Then turn the Hotspot Shield to On and we will be requested to turn on the usage access for this app on our phone. Select Hotspot Shield and turn it on.


Start the VPN connection by tapping the connect button then tap OK on Connection request.


Same as the website version, time, bandwidth and speed will be shown after the VPN is connected.

Open Tumblr app and... yay! We can use Tumblr on our phone now :)


Happy Tumblr-ing, again! <3

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